Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Technology: Octopress

This newly launched blog site is powered by Octopress, a static site generator which features simplicity and performance.“Static site generator” means that unlike other blogging system, there is no underlying database, nor server software to install, configure and maintain. The site is simply generated locally on your computer, and then literally copied over to the server as plain HTML files. (This is also known as “baking” the site.) The server will not waste any processing resources to serve an Octopress site. In other words, it is the fastest way to serve a blog, and maximizes the load that can be sustained by your server hardware. You also avoid having to put your site off-line, for maintenance every so often, as is the case with popular systems like WordPress or Drupal, especially for applying security updates. It is much easier to self host a site with Octopress, than with other systems. The major convenience, though, is that you can write your blog posts entirely off-line, using a simple text editor, and preview them on your browser’s localhost address. All contents is written in the simplified Markdown syntax, which is so much easier to master than raw HTML.