Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Speaking at the Malta Institute of Management on Thursday 2012-11-22

Steve Tendon will speak at the Building Better Businesses event organized by the Malta Institute of Management, 22 November 2012. The talk will be about “A Practical Management Approach for the Overworked Small Business Owner/Manager”.

This is what the talk will cover:

Anybody in charge of a small business must wear many hats, taking care of all operational aspects that in large organizations are catered for by different roles. For instance: product/service conception and development, project management, product manufacturing or service delivery, marketing, sales, accounting, short term tactics, and long term strategy.

It is no wonder small business owners/managers feel overwhelmed and overstretched. Their ability to manage all of this is naturally limited.

This is an introduction to a management approach that allows you to focus on what is most important and relevant. It provides an overall frame of reference for thinking and deciding about what you should do, identifying and resolving any bottleneck in your organization. A simple “common sense” approach that does not require a degree or specialist knowledge. An approach that can be applied in diverse operational situations, like manufacturing, engineering, project management, marketing, sales, accounting and other business processes. An approach that will consistently allow you to make good decisions, improve your organization’s capabilities, and leverage improved performance.

The presentation will show how ideas from Kanban and Theory of Constraints allow for practical, simple and effective management methods.