Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Speaking at the Malta Management Expo on Thursday 2013-03-21 and Friday 2013-03-22

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk about “Organizational Hyper-Productivity” on both days of the Malta Management Expo 2013. From the official program:

“Between May and September 1565, this island (Malta) was the stage of one of the most amazing feats of warfare: the Knights of Malta, in the number of 700, fought off the attacks of a Turkish fleet 40.000 men strong. How could 700 soldiers keep off more than 40.000? This is an example of organizational hyper-productivity, where one organization can compete with another one that is over 50 times bigger. In this session you will learn how to bring your organization to a state of hyper-productivity and gain a real advantage over your competitors; and you might become a Knight of Business!”