Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Speaking at DARE 2013 on Friday 2013-06-14

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk entitled “Help! Kanban Maxed Out! What Can I Do Now?” at the DARE 2013 conference.

The Kanban Method, as defined by David Anderson, is now a well established method. It offers a number of best practices that allow you to model and control how immaterial work flows through an organization. Done properly, you will have regular deliveries, with metrics that support sound decision making and risk management. You will have service level agreements with stakeholders, and excellent due date performance.

This talk will assumes that the current best practices of the Kanban Method are well known and successfully employed. They are examined both from a positive view point, as well as from a critical view point, to see what works well, and what doesn’t.

The talk will explore the foundations of organizational hyper-productivity. The talk will expose the connection between the preconditions for organizational hyper-productivity, the Theory of Constraints and the Kanban Method.

The talk will then highlight some serious shortcomings of the most commonly used practices in the Kanban Method. Then the talk will propose new ways to improve how you can manage projects through a combination of Kanban Method, the original Kanban System (as defined by Taichi Ohno) and the Theory of Constraint (conceived of by Eliyahu Goldratt).

As the trademark catchphrase of Steve Tendon says, he’s “The Methodology Alchemist”: come to this talk to discover why!