Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Speaking at Lean Agile Scotland 2013 on September 19-20, 2013

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk entitled “Unity of Purpose and Community of Trust: Preconditions for the Hyper-Productive Organization” at the Lean Agile Scotland 2013 conference.

Organizational hyper-productivity is not difficult to attain, provided two organizational patterns are instituted in your business. The two patterns are Unity of Purpose and Community of Trust — they are necessary pre-conditions for the emergence of a hyper-productive organization.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of organizations are driven by metrics that prevent these two patterns from being adopted.

This presentation will highlight how you can change metrics to change the organizational culture in a way that will foster Unity of Purpose and nurture a Community of Trust. The presentation will show how to use numbers to create a more humane organization.