Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Speaking at SME Malta Summit on November 28, 2014

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk entitled “Perform to Succeed: How to Compete in a Global Market When Size is Your Constraint” at the SME Malta Summit & B2B Networking Forum (see programme below).

The talk will present how many small organizations have been able to compete and outperform much larger ones. Superior performance is what enables business agility. Yet being able to improve performance when value-creation becomes more and more knowledge intensive is a challenge. When all assets, work in process, and products are intangible, because they are all ideas in your people’s brains, it becomes harder to recognize that there is an governing process, let alone innovate it. The difficulty is how to measure, manage and improve performance of knowledge work. Knowledge work is intangible.

The way to deal with performance in knowledge intensive organizations needs to become more sophisticated, taking into account different dimensions that determine such performance. Those businesses that learn not only to improve but also to innovate their knowledge processes will be those who are better positioned for success. Product and service innovation is often seen as the only way to compete; yet when a company is small and has limited resources, process innovation may be a secret weapon.