Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Steve Tendon Fellow of Lean Systems Society

Steve Tendon received and accepted the invitation of the Lean Systems Society to become a fellow of their society.

As described on the society’s website:

The Fellowship of the Lean Systems Society is a careful selection of thought leaders in the systems fields, based on stringent criteria–including leadership, originality and excellence, and direct contribution to the community–as well as the endorsement of the other Society Fellows.

The society was founded in 2012 with the aim of promoting the advancement of systems thinking, and declares its purpose as follows:

The Lean Systems Society’s purpose is to improve the world by improving its systems. The Society organization is modeled on the United Kingdom’s Royal Society and its “Fellowship of the world’s most eminent scientists.” The Royal Society was created to actively encourage thought leadership in the sciences by honouring original thinkers as Fellows, and encouraging their collaboration and debate. It has succeeded in this mission for over 300 years, and is an ideal model to emulate.

The society is inspired by the Scientific Method and guided by humanistic principle, declaring its credo like this:

The Lean Systems Society believes that excellence in managing complexity requires accepting that complexity and uncertainty are natural to social systems and knowledge work. Effective systems must produce both better economic and sociological outcomes. Their development requires a holistic approach that incorporates the human condition. The Society is committed to exploring valuable ideas from all disciplines, and fostering a community that derives solutions from a common set of values and principles, while embracing specific context and avoiding dogma.

Notable members of the Lean Systems Society include:

  • Bjarte Bogsnes – Inventor of Beyond Budgeting and recipient of the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation Award 2012
  • Don Reinertsen – Pioneer in Lean Product Development
  • Dave Snowden – Father of the Cynefin Framework
  • Mark Graban, Jim Benson, Tonianne Barry, and James Sutton – All Shingo Price (called the Nobel Prize of Manufacturing by Business Week) recipients
  • Olav Maasen and Chris Matts – Innovators in the use of Real Options for risk management and decision making.

Steve Tendon is honoured to join such a distinguished community, and that the society nominated and accepted him.