Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Careers and Education Fair, April 17, 2015

Steve Tendon has been invited to talk at the Careers and Education Fair, 2015 to be held at SmartCity Malta on April 17, 2015.

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk entitled “The Coming Global Human Capital Crisis, How it will Affect You and Your Career.” The thesis is that the increased levels of automation, with artificial intelligence, big data, computer vision, there will be massive layoffs in all traditional fields of employment, including white collars and management functions.

Only the highest skilled knowledge workers will be in demand, and demand will be far higher than the supply. Thus a strategy for coping with the imbalance is to strive for hyper-performance. Both as an employer, who needs to deliver ever increasing knowledge-based products and services, as well as an employee, who needs to work in collaborative knowledge-based environments, mastering hyper-performance becomes a critical skill.