Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

The Essence of TameFlow by Steve Tendon

Steve Tendon has published “The Essence of TameFlow” available as an e-book (in the popular formats PDF, EPUB and MOBI) at Leanpub and in four color print at the CreateSpace Store.

Intended as a primer to the fundamental ideas of the TameFlow approach, this new book offers an overview of the concepts and principles that create breakthrough performance innovations in knowledge-work organizations. These cover: delegation of decision making in knowledge-work; the praxis driven improvement loop; the three transformative social forces (Inspired Leadership, Unity of Purpose, Community of Trust); and the four flows (Operational, Financial, Informational, Psychological).

The book will give you a clear understanding of TameFlow and discover how TameFlow can be useful to you, your team, or your entire company.

You can download a sample chapter here.