Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow


I can help your business in two area:

Organizational Hyper-productivity

Organizational hyper-productivity is a condition whereby a business performs at levels that are at least an order of magnitude greater than its direct competitors. Hyper-productivity is mainly about performing process innovation instead of (or in addition to) product/service innovation. Often it is difficult to conceive of new products and/or services; and it is more attainable to innovate on the way your business actually delivers.

Hyper-productivity can be acquired through appropriate training, coaching, process evolutions, change management, risk management, and process and project management.

  • Process Evolution and Process Innovation: Due to market forces, competitors, regulations and other factors, businesses are under constant pressure to change. Those that cannot cope with the changes will often face defeat in the marketplace. Alternatively, they undertake painful major change initiatives, with a high risk of failure. An organization that deliberately controls the changes it is facing, through process evolution rather than abrupt large scale changes, will have better chances of success. I am an an accomplished expert in identify what an organization needs to change, what to change to, and how to make the change happen; all in an evolutionary manner that is compatible with the business’s own capabilities and resources.

  • Change Management: If an organization is about to undertake major changes because of some urgent or unforeseen needs, it is of essence to know how to best do so, gaining the buy-in of all stakeholders and involved parties, from executive management to line staff. I can help in creating the right conditions for changes to be effective, developing a common and shared vision between all parties, and making the whole organization act in unison.

  • Risk Management: When many different courses of actions are possible, it is a difficult choice to decide which one is most beneficial for the business. By applying systems thinking, I will assist a business in taking the decision that delivers the best outcome, considering all risks that are present, with respect to the risk exposure that the business owner is willing to accept.

  • Process and Project Management: Whether processes are evolved or major changes undertaken, they need to be managed. I am experienced at managing work flow processes and projects, through both traditional as well as innovative methods.

Software Engineering Management

With a deep experience as a software engineering management consultant I will make your business get the most out of your software engineering organization. I help companies find their own tailor made software methodologies, taking the very best out of many sources, blending diverse software processes and management theories.

Are you Facing Challenges like These?

  • Your organization is mature and formally CMMI certified, and yet results are disappointing?

  • You are thinking about transitioning to Agile methodologies, but don’t really know from where to start?

  • You have adopted Agile methodologies, like Scrum, and yet software development is out of control?

  • You have acquired or merged with another company, and you need to get two or more software organizations work together?

  • You have acquired or merged with another company, and now you must manage a distributed development organization spread over different locations?

  • You need to downsize your software organization, but don’t know where to cut?

  • You have been using outsourcing partners, but cannot get any real bottom line results?

  • You have tried all possible recourses, but your software organization is chronically under performing?

… then get in touch and I will help you out!

Software Engineering Management Services

I offer a range of services providing practical guidance and assisting you in all management areas related to software development. I offer services in the following areas:

Process & Methodology Economics Engineering Management Legal
Hyper Productivity Software Financials Process Assessment Project Recovery Technical Due Diligence
Agile Transitioning Incremental Funding Method Engineering Practices Interim or Contract Management Expert Witness
Software Metrics Theory of Constraints Product Line Engineering Continuous Risk Management Software Audit
Kanban, Scrum, XP, Agile, etc. Key Performance Indicators TDD/BDD Executive Coaching & Mentoring Software Contracts
Process Improvement Investment Appraisal Continuous Delivery Software Portfolio Management