Steve Tendon

Creator of TameFlow

Steve Tendon Talks About Blockchain Technologies at the Finance and Investments Forum 2016

Steve Tendon has been invited to talk at the Finance and Investments Forum, 2016 to be held at The Laguna Suite in SmartCity (Malta) on Friday June 17, 2016.

Steve will deliver a talk entitled Blockchain: The unstoppable disruption of the financial services industry. Building on his keen interest in organizational performance, Steve will explore how the Blockchain technologies can dramatically improve the performance in the global financial services sector.

The Blockchain has the potential to reduce friction, lower costs, boost growth, and increase transparency for all operators in financial services. The blockchain will collapse settlement times, reduce or eliminate the need for trust, and remove all intermediaries and arbiters of access to financial services. The technology will promote new models of peer-to-peer financing. The increased transparency will affect anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) on-boarding processes. Insurance and actuarial risk management will be based on more accurate and reliable data. Accounting will be able to produce real-time and transparent audits and financial reporting. Regulators will be able to better scrutinize financial actions of all economic agents.

The Blockchain can boost growth by making financial services accessible to the world’s 2 billion people who actually are un-banked or under-banked. This will allow for strong economic development in the poorest countries, and provide a real alternative to economic migration.

Ultimately, the Blockchain has the potential to increase performance of the economy on a global scale, leading to higher wealth and prosperity in a more equitable fashion.

Customer Excellence Conference 2016

Steve Tendon has been invited to talk at the Customer Excellence Conference, 2016 to be held at The Palace Hotel in Sliema (Malta) on Friday April 8, 2016.

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk entitled “Designing the Customer Experience from the Inside-Out.” The main argument is that organizational performance and processes highly impact the customer journey, especially when there is a sequence of touch-points in a larger process. Demand shaping, responsiveness, employee motivation are some of the topics explored. The importance of internal coordination and synchronization and exchange of information to better support the customer experience is highlighted.

The Essence of TameFlow by Steve Tendon

Steve Tendon has published “The Essence of TameFlow” available as an e-book (in the popular formats PDF, EPUB and MOBI) at Leanpub and in four color print at the CreateSpace Store.

Intended as a primer to the fundamental ideas of the TameFlow approach, this new book offers an overview of the concepts and principles that create breakthrough performance innovations in knowledge-work organizations. These cover: delegation of decision making in knowledge-work; the praxis driven improvement loop; the three transformative social forces (Inspired Leadership, Unity of Purpose, Community of Trust); and the four flows (Operational, Financial, Informational, Psychological).

The book will give you a clear understanding of TameFlow and discover how TameFlow can be useful to you, your team, or your entire company.

You can download a sample chapter here.

Steve Tendon Interviewed by Clarke Ching

Steve Tendon was interviewed by Clarke Ching about TameFlow. Topics explored in the interview include:

  • The Essence of TameFlow
  • The four flows
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Community of Trust
  • Conflict between Agile approaches and Business
  • Cost Accounting and Throughput Accounting
  • Startups
  • PopcornFlow and fast validated emperical learning
  • Metrics
  • Standup Meetings

The full interview is accessible here: Steve Tendon: Tame the Flow.

Direct link to the MP3 file is here.

TameFlow at DareFest

Steve Tendon of TameFlow Consulting Limited and Bennet Vallet of Actionable Agile will be holding a series of talks, lectures and workshops at the Dare Fest Conference from October 26 to October 29.

On October 27, at 10:45, there will be a 20 minute talk entitled “The Coming Global Human Capital Crisis – How it will affect you and why hyper-performance is a vital.”

On October 27, at 15:30, there is a 45 minute session about “The Art of Performance- An Introduction” which covers the foundations of TameFlow and ActionableAgile.

On October 29, a full day workshop called the Art of Performance will offer an in-depth look at TameFlow and ActionableAgile. Attendees of this workshop will not only gain in-depth knowledge of the TameFlow approach but also learn how to craft their own breakthrough performance innovation in order to lead their organizations to new efficiencies and unprecedented performance levels.

Participants will also receive a free copy of the book Hyper-Productive Knowledge-Work Management by Steve Tendon and Wolfram Müller, plus a complimentary TameFlow consulting session to be scheduled later at their convenience. If you’d like to learn more visit the links above. To register for the conference and/or the workshop go here. To learn more about the other speakers at DareFest 2015 click here.

Careers and Education Fair, April 17, 2015

Steve Tendon has been invited to talk at the Careers and Education Fair, 2015 to be held at SmartCity Malta on April 17, 2015.

Steve Tendon will deliver a talk entitled “The Coming Global Human Capital Crisis, How it will Affect You and Your Career.” The thesis is that the increased levels of automation, with artificial intelligence, big data, computer vision, there will be massive layoffs in all traditional fields of employment, including white collars and management functions.

Only the highest skilled knowledge workers will be in demand, and demand will be far higher than the supply. Thus a strategy for coping with the imbalance is to strive for hyper-performance. Both as an employer, who needs to deliver ever increasing knowledge-based products and services, as well as an employee, who needs to work in collaborative knowledge-based environments, mastering hyper-performance becomes a critical skill.

The TameFlow Book Gets a New Home Page

Steve Tendon’s book “Hyper–Productive Knowledge Work Performance, The TameFlow Approach and Its Application to Scrum and Kanban” has now a home page of its own on the website.

On that page you will find a general description of the book, a detailed table of contents, information about the authors, and above all a list of videos and podcasts featuring the authors themselves where they present topics developed in the book.

The New Website Launched

Steve Tendon announces his new company, TameFlow Consulting Limited, and launches the company’s new website at

TameFlow Consulting Limited focuses on breakthrough performance innovation and offers educational and professional services to help companies improve their performance in knowledge-work.

TameFlow Consulting Limited’s educational services include: