Steve Tendon Joins the Ultimate Performance Team

1 minute read

Steve Tendon joins the Ultimate Performance Team, a recently launched business coaching organization founded by Nathan Farrugia — a businessman, philanthropist, coach and motivational speaker who is known for setting the World Record of running 27 Marathons in 27 countries back to back, and for many other extreme endurance feats.

The Ultimate Performance Team works with business leaders and individuals to help them reach a mindful flow of excellence in mental, physical and emotional performance. In particular, the fields cultivated by the Ultimate Performance Team are perfectly aligned with the psychological flow of the TameFlow Approach. While the TameFlow Approach aims primarily at improving organizational performance, the activities of the Ultimate Performance Team focus on boosting individual performance, and will help individuals reach the maximum performance levels they are capable of — hence the tagline of “Ultimate Performance at Your Level”.

There is a natural symbiosis between organizational and individual performance improvement programs. By joining forces with the Ultimate Performance Team, there is a resolute intent to offer comprehensive and superlative improvement programs, unlike no others available on the market as the time of this writing. While an organization might improve its performance through the TameFlow Approach, it might improve even more by having all its people learn how to become mindful about how they work as individuals, and how to maximize their own performance levels, in all dimensions of professional and personal life that matter to them.